Learn the English you need to reach your goals
Classes for learners of every level who are age 12 and up

You and your family have big dreams.
Get the English proficiency you need to reach them.

The benefit of learning with Charles River English:

You will learn English in a way that is easy to understand and helps you every day.

Move to the top of the class

Learn with lessons made just for you or a family member.

Get the amazing job you want

Build an awesome resume and cover letter, and then practice job interview skills.

Make life easier and more fun

Learn the English that will make your travels safe and fun wherever you go.

Pass exams like the TOEFL or IELTS

You can pass that important test! Let’s make a plan together.

“Matt is an excellent teacher. Very intelligent and patient with students starting to learn in another language. He seems to really enjoy what he does and is very smart and a perfectionist. His way of teaching is very practical and gentle. I learned a lot from Matt.”


Hello, my name is Matthew Fuller! I’m the founder of Charles River English.

My years of experience teaching English learners has shown me that everyone has a different reason for learning a language. You might want to get your dream job, a family member to enter a great university, or wish to practice the conversations used in everyday life.

No matter what your goal is, learning more English can improve your life or someone you care about.

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