I became an English as a second language teacher because I love helping students accomplish all their big and small dreams. See what some of my past students have to say about working with me…

I strongly recommend everyone to learn English with Matt.

“Matt is a very serious and patient teacher. He has given me very good help in learning English.”

Helen Liu

About Matt 🙂

“I’m hearing impaired and I need to lip-read and be patient haha ​​Matt is the teacher who was patient with me, kind and explained very well, writing for me to understand! Most of the English I learned was from Matt. I recommend this teacher, not only for his kindness but for his ability to teach.”


Matt is patient and attentive.

“Matt is an excellent teacher. I had the opportunity to be his student, although it is difficult to teach online Matt was always willing to teach as if we were in a classroom, always with slides with easy to learn explanations, he is patient and attentive. I am grateful to him because what I know today he taught me. I definitely recommend him to everyone!”


Matt is an excellent teacher.

“Very intelligent and patient with students starting to learn in another language. He seems to really enjoy what he does and is very smart and a perfectionist. His way of teaching is very practical and gentle. I learned a lot from Matt.”


Matt is the best ever!

“Matt is always trying to come up with new ways to practice and improve our English. He has didactics and that makes learning English easier than it is. Thanks Matt for your patience and dedication!”


Amazing tutor!

“Matt has helped me improve my writing skills over the course of the last few months! He gives gentle but constructive feedback about my strengths and areas of improvement, and he is always available to answer any questions that I have. I feel more confident in my writing abilities, and I credit most of that to Matt’s kindness, availability, and feedback. I highly recommend him for anyone!”


We will make a plan together, and figure out HOW my English expertise can meet your English goals. Most importantly, I am able to take the expertise I have and give it you in a way that helps your life

Matt, Founder of Charles River English

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