Private English Class Packages
A customized class made to fit your learning style and specific needs

We will find out your English language strengths (because you have English strengths!) and the parts of English we need to spend time practicing. We will make a plan together, and figure out HOW my English expertise can meet your English goals.

Teaching that is more than just grammar lessons.

It’s very important to learn English through lessons that are both helpful and fun. Charles River English uses language acquisition theories that have been tested through years of classroom experience in order to help high school, college, and adult students reach their goals in an engaging way.

Lessons are dynamic and include all the different parts of English (speaking, reading, writing, etc.) combined with a lot of roleplaying/conversation practices.

Here are two examples of the type of dynamic lessons used at Charles River English:

  • Reading a scientific article on animals, finding new grammar and vocabulary, and then having a conversation about our favorite animals with the new grammar and new vocabulary. (Parts of English practiced: sharing information , grammar, reading, TOEFL vocabulary related to animals)
  • Writing a practice job email, and afterwards pretending to explain the email to a co-worker. (Parts of English practiced: writing, job vocabulary, job speaking skills)

Our classes are perfect if:

You have an important need to raise your English level and …

You are willing to dedicate the time required to achieve it.

02. You are determined, but…

You want an experienced teacher to guide your learning.

03. You tried to learn English before, but…

The class was too easy, difficult, or just not that interesting.

Do any of these sound like you or someone you know?
Then let’s get started.

Explore Our Packages

All Packages Include…

1-hour, 1.5-hour, or 2-hour class options

An assessment at the beginning of the class to find your level, goals, and learning style

Customized lessons created specifically for you.

Dynamic after class practices given every week of class that include games, speaking practices, music, and more

Online Learning Package

12 hours of English class for $875

  • Research-based online teaching tools combined with years of teaching experience.
  • Take an online class that is convenient, fun, and interesting
  • Continue learning after the class with uploaded class recordings and material

In-person Learning Package

12 hours of English class for $1800

  • Learn naturally as we connect what we are learning in class with the world around us.
  • Meet in a Boston area location that is convenient for you (Your home, a café, a library, etc).
  • Take class information and after class practices home with you.

Hybrid Learning Package

12 hours of English class for $1250

(6 hours online/6 hours in-person)

  • A class that fits your changing schedule
  • Take the class online or in person when you want

Customize your class by adding….

… 1-2 friends or family members to the class (up to 2) for $150/per person
…5 extra hours of online class to any package for $300
…5 extra hours of in-person class to any package for $550
…2 extra hours of after class practice every week of class for $200

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